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zaterdag geopend van 10.00 uur tot 16.30 uur en dinsdag t/m vrijdag van 13.00 uur tot 16.30 uur

The Vlieland Cheese Bunker

On the highest dune of the Wadden Island of Vlieland, deep under the ground is a former drinking water bunker. Since 2015 we have used this bunker for the ripening of our special organic Vlieland Bunker Cheeses.

Due to the high humidity and nice cool temperature, the bunker has a unique micro climate, perfect for the ripening of our organic cheeses.
The best known of our cheeses is perhaps the Vlieland Seaweed Cheese. Hand harvested Vlieland Seaweed (Ulva Lactuca) is processed here, a delicious salty tastemaker.

Our bunker cheeses are made from organic cow’s and goat’s milk. These are aged between 2 months and more than 2 years in the bunker, a true delicacy.

The Vlieland cheese bunker is located on top of the ‘vuurboetsduin’, near the Vlieland lighthouse. From here you have a beautiful view of the Unesco World Heritage Wadden Sea. 

Opening hours: Saturday 10.30-16.30, Tuesday to Thursday13.00-16.30

Tasting & videotour: ( Englisch subtitles available)
Vlielander cheese maker Nils Koster leads you in a maximum of four around in and around the Vlielander cheese bunker. Using videos on your phone or tablet, he will show you the way and take you along various places on the fire-dune and through different ripening rooms of the cheese bunker. In the videos he tells you everything about the cheese bunker, cheese making and maturing, seaweed and drinking water on Vlieland. So you go out yourself and into the bunker. Along the way you will be presented with various videos with explanations, historical images, drone recordings and more. At the end of your tour you will meet the cheese maker in person and let him taste his tastiest cheeses. Dates: see website or ask at the VVV (tourist information). Register in advance.


Sign up: VVV Vlieland (opposite arrival boat) or online. Tel: +31 (0) 6-21511618

Cheese on Vlieland for sale at SPAR and COOP Supermarket. Or from our online webshop

De Vlielander Cheese Bunker
Vuurboetsduin 5
8899AT Vlieland
+31 (0)6-21511618